The best time to learn more about your employees is before you hire them.

Pre-employment background reporting
thorough, timely, effective

...the most affordable, most essential and most productive ingredient in your overall hiring process.

  • No start-up fee
  • No contract
  • Use only as and when needed
  • Rapid request/response via fax
  • Promotes uniform hiring practices
  • Timely and cost effective

An evenly administered,
professionally conducted program
can reduce the risk of and/or
aid in defending discrimination,
wrongful discharge and
negligent hiring suits.

7 Step Employment Verification

We will perform any one or all seven

  1. Education verification
  2. Past employment verification
  3. Criminal conviction history, by County
  4. Locate workers compensation claims
  5. Drivers license/driving record history
  6. Credit history
  7. Professional good standing verification

Many applicants believe they must embellish upon their qualifications and/or work history in order to obtain employment. Others may choose to selectively edit employment or personal histories.

A pre-employment background report is the first line of defense in the fight against omissions, half-truths,
and outright deception.

PLEASE USE "Pre-Employment Verification and Legal/Professional Searches & Profiles" FORM TO REQUEST THESE SERVICES

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